The world's greenest solar manufacturer

Sustainability in manufacturing solar panels

SolarWorld's commitment to sustainability goes deeper than the products we manufacture; it starts with how we manufacture. While some of our competitors are in the news for practices that harm the environment, we stand back and ask, “low cost, at what cost?” We are proud to report that we perform eco-friendly practices all the way through our production process, from raw material procurement to packaging of our finished product.

Our eco-friendly manufacturing practices were formally recognized in 2011, by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, when we were ranked as the world’s greenest solar manufacturer. This organization recognized SolarWorld's achievements towards recycling, supply chain monitoring, environmental transparency, and green job generation over all other solar manufacturers.

Another testament to our environmental stewardship is our pioneering recycling efforts. Today, old panels that would have otherwise been discarded are now recycled and undergo a high-yield process of recovering constituent materials for reuse.